“At U-Mark, making industrial markers is our passion. Through our expertise, ingenuity and hard work, we’ve elevated markers to be essential tools for professional users.

Guided by end user input and feedback, we constantly design, test, and improve our products, ensuring the best quality, performance, value, and compliance. We pay attention to details, so that you can make your best mark.

We offer a wide array of innovative products that make professional marking jobs easier, safer and more efficient. Our efforts have won us loyal customers in major industrial plants, as well as small shops, all over the world.

U-Mark’s xylene-free paint markers have become a standard in factories all over the work for witness marking of parts, quality control, product identification, and more. greenlabel® paint technology combines safety with dependable industrial performance by delivering fast drying (approximately 30 seconds), water and weather resistant marks on metals, plastics, ceramics, glass and more. Three proven marker designs (A10, A20, A30) feature aluminum barrels, replaceable tips and liquid paint.

A10 Xylene-Free Paint Marker

Rugged Performance

Faster drying greenlabel® paint is formulated to work in tough industrial environments. Permanent on virtually all surfaces, including metal, plastics, glass, rubber, ceramics and more. Opaque colors show up well even when marking dark surfaces.

Best Value

No other paint marker has A10’s price and quality features. Industrial strength paint, heavy duty aluminum barrel and reliable valve mechanism combine to provide the ideal combination of top quality and competitive price.

Heavy Duty Bullet Tip

HD Bullet Tip is designed to withstand repetitive industrial marking. Re-primes quickly even when the cap is left off. Replacement tips are available.

A simple problem: Production Associates at a major auto plant, frustrated about not finding markers on their work bench, losing caps, tips drying out and holding up production. We worked on a unique solution, and came up with the U-Holder™, a device where you can store your marker and retrieve it without using a cap.

If you have a repetitive marking operation, you don’t need to waste time looking for markers!


Product Features
  • Enables one hand operation and eliminates the need for a cap.
  • Prevents tips from drying out.
  • Discourages “borrowing” and keeps markers where they belong.
  • Ready to use in seconds (supplied with twin stick adhesive disc).
  • Works with most U-Mark markers
Product Fits:
  • W20 Water Based Paint Markers
  • A10 Paint Markers
  • A20 Paint Markers with Reversible Tip
  • 100P Industrial Paint Markers
  • 100P Fine Line Paint Markers
  • 130P Industrial Paint Markers with Reversible Tip
  • AP Fine Line™ Ink Markers
  • AP-1™ All Purpose Ink Markers
  • Tekmark™ Indelible Marking Pens
  • M5 Permanent Markers
  • DR Mark™ Detergent Removable Markers
  • DR Mark™ HD Detergent Removable Markers
  • Washoff™ Water Removable Markers
  • EZ OFF Wet Erase Ink Markers
  • UV Markers

Some images and information from U-Mark’s website.