Crown Mats

In Crown Matting Technologies’ 70 years of expertise in the field of anti-fatigue mats, they have developed a technology exceeding the standards required for industrial workers. This technology is Zedlan™ – a substance so extraordinary and comfortable that they have patented it(patent #5,965,650).

Their Zedlan™ products offer incomparable advantages:

  • More energy!

    Zedlan™ sponge has three times the bounce of traditional anti-fatigue products.

  • More durable!

    Zedlan™ sponge outwears similar products by nearly three to one.

  • Less slips and falls!

    Zedlan™ sponge offers superior traction compared to regular foam products.

  • Extreme flexibility!

    Zedlan™ sponge will keep its anti-fatigue property, even under freezing temperatures.

  • Natural anti-static!

    Unlike other sponge products, Zedlan™ offers natural resistivity of 109 ohms per square inch.