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In 1992 WinWare Inc. was established in Marietta, Ga., just outside Atlanta. Its knowledgeable and experienced staff was dedicated to creating enterprise-wide systems that manage tools and other indirect material in the industrial workplace. WinWare had a long reputation for providing outstanding customer service and technical support for all of its customers, no matter how large or small. The company was committed to providing expert software and hardware solutions for today’s manufacturing inventory problems.

With 4000+ users, CribMaster leads the market with the most robust and flexible system on the market.

In 2011 Stanley Black and Decker acquired WinWare, Inc. as a part of a strategic growth plan for multiple Stanley Black and Decker brands utilizing CribMaster technology solutions to deliver unified systems, with tools, storage and inventory management to clients worldwide.

McAuliffe’s Industrial McAuliffe’s Industrial can help you with your automated MRO needs. Whether it’s providing the latest in vending technology or helping you with managing your inventory we can help you get it from the dock to point of use quickly and efficiently


The AccuPort utilizes passive RFID technology and CribMaster inventory management software to effectively manage any type of inventory in a centrally located tool crib or storeroom environment.

This secure RFID portal system allows for advanced control over an array of inventory products and unlimited quantities per crib. The AccuPort streamlines operations by eliminating manual logs, barcode scanning, and employee compliance processes. Transactions are recorded in real time providing a high level of accuracy to identify multiple cost savings opportunities, reduce stock outs, and gain better control of your indirect materials.

  • Applicable to existing storerooms
  • Improve inventory accuracy
  • 24/7 secure access for authorized employees
  • Automatically tracks inventory in and out of a secured area

McAuliffe’s Industrial has vast experience working with AccuPorts and RFID technology with various deployments scattered throughout various organizations.


The WeighStation automates dispensing by utilizing precise weight-sensing technology paired with robust software that effectively streamlines purchasing, replenishment, and dispensing processes.

Passive issue dispensing with the WeighStation removes productivity barriers by allowing authorized employees 24/7 access to all of their high-use supplies in one location at the point of use. Each time supplies are removed, the inventory is automatically adjusted and the system displays the quantity removed on the touchscreen. This provides a high level of accuracy to help you exercise more strategic control and gain clarity of your supply use.

  • No repackaging saves time replenishing inventory
  • Ideal choice for internal distribution of bench stock
  • Clear doors and pull-out shelves for maximum visibility and accessibility
  • Modular design of customizable bins and scales allows for flexible dispensing

McAuliffe’s Industrial is bringing more and more WeighStations online every day. The WeighStation can be customized to a configuration that will meet the unique requirements for each and every customer.

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